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Waste heat from London’s Tube will help heat homes
London expects to begin heating some homes with waste heat captured from the London Underground and an electrical substation. The project – the first of its kind in Europe – is a partnership between Islington Council, the Mayor of London Boris Johnson, UK Power Networks and Transport for London.... Read more
As if today’s unsustainable levels of energy consumption weren’t already bad enough, consider this: more than half the energy we use worldwide ends up being wasted, mostly in the form of heat. Imagine how much more efficient we could be by finding a way to tap that heat energy.... Read more
Demonstrations are set to begin on an innovative industrial waste-heat recovery system that’s designed to dramatically increase the efficiency and output of a biogas power plant. The demonstration by GE Energy and energy developer ECOS Ltd. will take place at a 7.2-megawatt biogas plant in the eastern Slovenia town... Read more
A first-of-its-kind water-cooled supercomputer will send out its excess heat to warm buildings on the campus of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETH). The ETH and IBM today announced plans for the innovative system — “Aquasar” — which is expected to decrease the carbon footprint of the... Read more