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Meet the ‘best for the world’ businesses
Businesses that have won B Corporation certification for their social and environmental impact aren’t necessarily the best in the world, but they are among the best for the world, the organization asserts. The B Corporation, which assesses companies on social and environmental performance, has come out with its 2013... Read more
Sustainability requires science, tech … and art
Are advances in science and technology the cure to the world’s many unsustainable habits? Some people are coming to the conclusion that the answer is no: know-how and hard facts aren’t enough to solve our problems. “Narratives, stories, music and images served to warn our early ancestors against predators... Read more
A lot of discussion about low-carbon transport centers on vehicle technology, but that is only part of the solution. Zero-emission cars certainly have a part to play in terms of reducing reliance on fossil fuels and reducing environmental impacts but they don’t begin to address the issue of congestion.... Read more
When it comes to making sense of current energy issues, it seems wise to ask, say, a scientist. And one scientist, physicist Tom Murphy from the University of California, offers some valuable insights that go beyond a 30-second news bite on late-night TV. Speaking during an interview with,... Read more
Big investors know that money talks … and a group of nearly 100 investors with deep pockets hopes it can use money power to send a message to companies that could do more to cut their carbon emissions. It’s not just a matter of taking action to minimize climate... Read more
What does an oil price shock have to do with subprime mortgages? Well, consider this: the global economy found itself on the edge of the abyss in 2008 when reality — in the form of wildly overvalued mortgage securities — landed hard on the illusion that real estate-related investments... Read more
What’s the best way to understand developments in the energy world? A Daily Ticker story on Yahoo! Finance provides a glaring example of how not to do so. Serious energy analysts usually find lots to complain about in the mainstream media’s coverage of energy issues, and those complaints —... Read more
President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address this week highlighted a lot of issues related to energy and sustainability, sandwiched between opening and closing nods to the military. Which, when you consider the oil-rich hotspots where US armed forces have been engaged lately and how much fuel the... Read more
As if the year 2012 doesn’t already portend challenges enough, what with all the Mayan prophecy baggage … now the United Nations wants to saddle it with the responsibility of being the “International Year of Sustainable Energy for All.” An admirable goal, sure. But is it possible? A report... Read more
A looming but hidden energy crisis in Saudi Arabia could wreak havoc both at home and internationally, throwing world oil markets into ever-more volatility, a new report warns. “The world’s largest exporter of oil is consuming so much energy at home that its ability to play a stabilizing role... Read more