The past year was a busy one for the smart grid, with advanced energy meters and other major grid improvements being rolled out everywhere from Mexico and China to South Korea and the US. So what does 2012 hold? Chris King, who’s chief regulatory officer for the smart-grid firm... Read more
Nottingham is the UK’s top “Smart-Meter City,” based on how much smart meters there could help residents cut their electricity consumption and energy bills. Esri UK, a geographic information systems company, identified Nottingham as the community likely to benefit the most from smart energy meters in a study conducted in... Read more
Demand response and advanced energy metering are spreading rapidly across the US, although both have some way to go before become standard features of the nation’s electricity system. As of June 2011, 13.4 percent of electricity meters in the US — 9.7 million in all — featured advanced “smart”... Read more
Illinois’ drawn-out battle over the future of the state’s electricity grid came to a close today when legislators overrode Gov. Pat Quinn’s veto of the “Energy Infrastructure Modernization Act.” Utility company ComEd welcomed the action, saying it paved the way for its planned $2.6 billion grid upgrade that will... Read more
Smart-metering and smart-grid companies tout their technologies as a cutting-edge way to boost efficiency, but a blunter, lower-tech type of efficiency has taken center-stage at Itron, which this week announced a series of cuts and other measures to cut spending. The “restructuring” aimed at increasing corporate efficiency and lowering... Read more
Residents and businesses in Kansas City, Kansas, are getting “smart-grid appliances” designed to help them better manage their energy and water use. They’re not the types of appliances we typically think about — dishwashers, dryers, coffee-makers, etc. — but a bundle of hardware and software put together in a... Read more
A study of some 100 smart-meter pilot programs around the world has concluded that the technology can lead to significant and lasting energy savings. The biggest difference-maker between a more or less successful program, however, turns out to be not the technology used, but the way in which utilities... Read more
Installing smart gas meters across Ireland would save residents and the country €59 million ($81 million) over the next 20 years, according to a study by the Commission for Energy Regulation (CER). Those savings would come from lower bills for customers, as well as from efficiency and environmental benefits.... Read more
British Gas has chosen Elster as its second provider for dual electricity and gas meters for its planned rollout of smart meters in 2012 and 2013. The UK-based utility had held a competitive evaluation of several potential vendors to identify an additional qualified supplier for its smart metering deployment.... Read more
Some 27 million smart electricity meters have been installed at households across the US so far, and 65 million — more than half of the country’s residences — will have advanced metering systems in place by 2015. That’s according to a new report from the Edison Foundation’s Institute for... Read more