Simple, small-scale green technologies, such as clean cookstoves for poor households, could soon find it easier to get carbon funding, thanks to changes in the UN’s Clean Development Mechanism (CDM). Set up under the Kyoto Protocol, the CDM allows industrialized governments and businesses to meet their carbon reduction commitments... Read more
Out of 10 European countries recently surveyed on climate change and energy trends, Turkey tops the list in favorable attitudes toward sustainability. EDF Energy’s second annual pan-European Low Energy Alternative Future (LEAF) Index found that concerns about climate change increased across the EU last year, with Turkey showing the... Read more
The restaurant chain Otarian hopes to entice customers into reducing their environmental impact with a carrot, rather than a stick. Its strategy? Encourage patrons to earn “Carbon Karma” credits rather than worry about the carbon footprint of their meals. Otarian, which recently opened its first “fast-casual” restaurant in London... Read more
When it comes to building a secure, low-carbon future for the UK, the new coalition government says it aims to succeed where the previous government failed. And the coalition’s first-ever annual energy statement, unveiled today, does reveal some new directions … although not necessarily revolutionary ones. The key question... Read more
If the new coalition government in the UK is serious about building a green economy for the nation, why on earth is it now choosing to cut £34 million from the Department of Environment and Climate Change’s (DECC) low-carbon technology budget? We imagine it was to be expected that... Read more
London officials today heard from an expert who offered a host of ideas for helping their city to follow in the footsteps of Europe’s greenest city: Copenhagen. Peter Elsman, Copenhagen’s former managing director of the Environment, Water and Energy Department, suggested a number of ways in which London could... Read more
As climate negotiators begin meeting in Copenhagen today, the UK will roll out a new “Pay As You Save” (PAYS) scheme to let homeowners test out new ways to pay for whole-house energy makeovers. “The next two weeks in Copenhagen are crunch time for the planet,” said Energy and... Read more
Sue Riddlestone, a commissioner of the London Sustainable Development Commission and Executive Director of BioRegional writes from Copenhagen ahead of the Climate Change Conference next week.  She outlines the findings of a study, an example of international best practice, to measure London’s carbon footprint on a consumption-based approach: We... Read more
Greenbang and Low Carbon South West will be among those on hand at this year’s TechnologyWorld09 conference and exhibition, scheduled for 23 – 24 November at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry. During the conference, Low Carbon South West will be hosting a special seminar on “Greenovation: using technology innovation... Read more
Britain’s current energy planning system poses a barrier to energy security and a low-carbon future, Energy and Climate Secretary Ed Miliband told Parliament this week. In presenting the draft National Policy Statements (NPS) for reform, he also set out an ambitious new policy for the transition to clean coal... Read more