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Five ‘out-there’ energy technologies
Modern society would grind to a very unpleasant halt without energy … we all know that. Outside of the “usual suspects,” though — oil, coal, natural gas, nuclear, solar, wind and hydro — are there any other energy sources we can turn to? It turns out there are options.... Read more
Energy Institute aims to fast-track utility innovation
A new Smarter Energy Research Institute aims to help energy and utility companies improve their services through faster innovation, predictive analytics and better integration of renewables into the power grid. IBM, the company behind the institute, says the organization is meant to offer a “new industrial research collaboration model”... Read more
Thingsquare aims to help ‘dumb’ hardware become smart
The open-source software company Thingsquare has begun rolling out Thingsquare Mist, a platform designed to help developers of all things “smart” to quickly add internet connectivity to their devices. The standards-based mesh networking platform can be used to enable everything from smart lighting to smart homes to smart cities.... Read more
Predicting wave heights doubles marine energy generation
What if we could “tune” marine-energy devices so they could grab the maximum amount of power possible from each oncoming wave? A new algorithm developed by researchers from the University of Exeter and Tel Aviv University could one day help us do just that. When used with existing wave... Read more
Today’s mobile device is tomorrow’s smart-home controller
Using your smartphone to check email or play Angry Birds is so yesterday … the next big thing will involve using it for things like turning down your home’s thermostat or switching on the coffeepot while you’re on your way home from work. Working together, IBM and Vodafone have... Read more
IT startups: Just days left to enter green ‘Trailblazer’ awards
Young IT companies with technology that can enable a better-connected and more sustainable future have a chance to shine on the global stage through a new awards program for “Tech Trailblazers.” Green IT startups have until 11:59 PT on Wednesday, Sept. 12, to enter the inaugural Tech Trailblazers Awards.... Read more
The US hopes that stronger, lighter materials can provide one way to improve the fuel efficiency of the cars and trucks on its roads. With that goal in mind, the US Department of Energy (DOE) is launching seven new projects to speed up the development of next-generation vehicles. Organizations... Read more
By 2016, many of the little energy aggravations that inconvenience you today — a run-down cellphone battery, a laptop with dwindling reserve power — could be a thing of the past, thanks to parasite power. Researchers at IBM believe that parasitic power collection could be one of the top... Read more
When you’re talking about the “internet of things,” there’s no telling which direction the technology might lead you in. So how about this one? Digital photograph frames that not only let you see what your sister’s Jack Russell in Madison looks like after this morning’s visit to the groomer... Read more
Maldives President Mohammed Nasheed and Oscar-award-winning actor and environmental activist Leonardo DiCaprio are among the new members of the jury for the Zayed Future Energy Prize, which recognizes innovation, leadership, long-term vision and impact in renewable energy and sustainability. Other new jury members include: Elizabeth Dipuo Peters, Minister of... Read more