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It’s been a long time since Denmark was a global power, but it’s shaping up to lead a power renaissance of a much different kind: clean power. Unlike many other countries today, Denmark is not only not cheerleading for the Fossil Fuel 2.0 Age (that is, tar sands in... Read more
Is a solar panel made in China less “green” if it’s installed in Tallahassee instead of Shenzhen? Does it matter where the raw materials for making wind turbines comes from, as long as the wind turbine itself goes on to generate clean energy? These are questions that neither international... Read more
While we’ve focused plenty of attention and energy on the need for a low-carbon economy over the last several years, one big part of the picture often gets overlooked: the world’s oceans. That’s a major oversight, considering all the sustainability challenges related to the marine environment: There is, of... Read more
The US Department of Energy (DOE) appears to be trying to raise its voice over a chorus declaring green jobs as a bust and clean energy as a scam. According to the department, Deputy Secretary of Energy Daniel Poneman on Thursday plans to publicly highlight the clean-energy jobs created... Read more
A new series of reports, “Towards Green Growth,” recommends ways in which governments can best make the transition to greener, more sustainable economies. As they were released by the well respected Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), the reports will carry some clout in helping the 34 member... Read more
Can a green, smart and sustainable society also be one with a growing economy? The United Nations’ Environment Programme (UNEP) says yes, but concludes it can’t be achieved through the marketplace alone. Numerous other studies in the past have shown that reducing energy consumption, cutting waste and managing resources... Read more
The recent government Spending Review has seen a relatively positive response from the green technologies industry. However, there is concern that not enough emphasis is being put on potential future savings if more funds are not supplied to the industry. One of the highlights from the review was that... Read more
A globalised low-carbon economy works only when everyone on the team plays ball. When they don’t, as we’re now seeing with China, green ambitions can start suffering quickly. China in recent years has taken the number-one spot on sustainability issues in both good and bad ways. Bad: it’s now... Read more
For the Republican side of the aisle and a good portion of the US public, the $787 billion American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 has always been a tough sell. Part of the challenge, after all, is the impossibility of proving how much worse things might have been... Read more
If you believe science trumps politics, and that clean technology will win the day because it makes long-term sense — both environmentally and economically — think again. As the amped-up right-wing noise machine in the US is making it perfectly clear, good does not always triumph in the non-fact-based... Read more