What do career politicians know about energy efficiency, renewables and low-carbon technology? The answer, in many cases, is (notwithstanding the occasional exception like German Chancellor/physical chemist Angela Merkel), “Probably not a whole lot.” And that’s cause for concern in an era when energy and carbon have become critically important... Read more
In an earlier post, we asked if it would be possible to power the world with clean energy. The United Nations believes it’s possible. So does the International Energy Agency (IEA). So what’s the problem? Why aren’t we there yet? It’s not money that’s standing in the way, the... Read more
Critics of environment- and efficiency-focused government regulations like to portray such laws as trampling on people’s freedoms: the freedom, for example, to buy the most inefficient light-bulb possible or to drive gas-guzzling “autos on steroids,” if that’s what they want. It’s a libertarians-gone-wild type of thinking that can make... Read more
What topics did Greenbang readers find most interesting in 2011? Following is a look at the 10 most-read stories of the past year: Who’s the leading smart-city brand? Which companies are leading the way in helping the world’s cities become smarter, more connected and more efficient? This article provided... Read more
Among the startups vying to earn the US Department of Energy’s (DOE) title of “America’s Next Top Energy Innovator” are a firm looking to double the energy capacity of rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, a business that’s developing “smart boxes” for electronic cargo tracking and a company working on a window... Read more
We have all the technology we need today to live more efficiently and sustainably … or so we’ve been told by everyone from Princeton University to Siemens. Unfortunately, another reality — Jevons Paradox — seems to be superseding that possibility, as this graph from the US Energy Information Administration’s... Read more
Instead of paying incentives only for new, clean energy like solar power, governments looking to promote sustainability should also reward energy efficiency. In Britain, paying for greater efficiency would cost half as much as investing in new energy sources, according to a new report from the Green Alliance. That... Read more
Seven cities in Washington state have saved more than $1 million on their electricity bills since launching a Home Energy Reporting program in October 2010, according to the energy efficiency firm Opower. Residents of cities in the C-7 New Energy Partnership received regular, personalized reports from Opower designed to... Read more
With more jobs a goal, US to fast-track grid modernization projects
The Obama Administration says it is fast-tracking seven proposed electricity grid modernization projects to “speed the creation of thousands of construction and operations jobs.” The projects are designed to serve as pilot demonstrations of streamlined federal permitting and increased cooperation at the federal, state and tribal levels. The proposed... Read more
What’s it like to see smart-grid technology in action? A new demonstration center in Chicago features a variety of interactive exhibits showing how everything from self-healing technology to grid-integrated energy storage works. S&C Electric Company launched the Smart Grid Solutions Demonstration Center at its global headquarters as part of... Read more