UK bets £8 million on liquid-air energy storage
Two British companies have received more than £8 million in government funding to develop liquid-air-based technology for energy storage. Viridor Waste Management Ltd. and Highview Power Storage won the funding through a UK Department of Energy and Climate Change competition to support energy storage technology research and development. The... Read more
New power cell is both a generator and a battery
Imagine being far from the comforts of home — maybe hiking through a remote wilderness or patrolling a war zone — but still certain you can keep your cellphone charged … simply by walking. That could soon be possible, thanks to a new kind of power cell developed by... Read more
The name conjures up visions of  a New Age musical group, but the project has a serious aim: to provide grid-connected solar power and energy storage that lets us use electricity generated by the sun … even after dark. Public Service Company of New Mexico — PNM, for short... Read more
Advanced battery maker Aquion Energy has closed on a $30-million round of venture financing as it prepares to launch its first products and begin global marketing. The financing round was led by Foundation Capital, with participation from Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Advanced Technology Ventures and TriplePoint Capital. Aquion... Read more
Flywheel-based energy storage company VYCON is coming out with a new system that combines flywheel technology with batteries for longer-lasting backup power capabilities. According to VYCON, the Hybrid VDC XEB flywheel system enables users who need more backup time to combine the reliability and green aspects of the flywheel... Read more
BrightSource Energy has launched a new solar thermal power plant offering for utilities that includes a molten-salt energy storage system. By enabling the storage of solar energy for later use, BrightSource says the SolarPLUS system makes it possible for utilities to tap sun power to produce electricity later in... Read more
A Minnesota wind farm aims to boost the reliability of its energy supply with the addition of a 1-megawatt advanced energy storage system. Juhl Wind plans to install the system from Zinc Air at its recently acquired Woodstock Hills wind farm located near the company’s headquarters in Woodstock, Minnesota.... Read more
An energy company in China is installing a large battery system at its plant in Hangzhou to test how advanced energy storage can help deal with the challenges posed by the country’s rapid wind-energy growth. The 500-kilowatt system from A123 Systems is set to be installed at Dongfang Electric... Read more
Advanced battery company Altair Nanotechnologies has closed on a $57.5 million investment from Canon Investment Holdings Limited. The investment was first announced in September of 2010. “While this transaction took considerably longer to close than expected, the Canon investment allows us to now focus on growing the business and... Read more
SustainX, a company developing a new compressed-air energy storage (CAES) technology, is moving to a larger headquarters with the expectation of a fast-growing market for its offering. The firm plans to relocate on August 1 from its Lebanon, New Hampshire, facility to a larger, 42,000-square-foot building in Seabrook, New... Read more