A new virtual network of researchers and industry experts launched today with the goal of advancing energy harvesting technology and reducing dependence on batteries. Energy harvesting involves scavenging power from low-grade ambient energy sources — things like environmental vibrations, human motion, light and even temperature variations — and using... Read more
Energy “harvested” from vibrations in the environment could be powering our mobile phones, heart monitors and many other devices within the next five years, UK researchers predict. The concept of energy harvesting has been around for over a decade, but researchers at the University of Bristol aim to tap... Read more
A group of researchers in the US is envisioning a future in which small devices on planes and automobiles could “scavenge” kinetic energy to generate electricity for control panels and other uses. The team from the City College of New York (CCNY) is presenting its concept for such piezoelectric... Read more
In the near future, we might be able to generate electricity from a variety of motions — everything from walking to natural vibrations in the environment — by using “tuneable” devices for harvesting energy. While such devices already exist for converting kinetic energy to electrical energy, they’re limited to... Read more
A young Turkish research has won the Stockholm Junior Water Prize for her work demonstrating how rainwater can be harnessed to produce electricity. The prize, sponsored globally by ITT Corporation, was announced at the World Water Week in Stockholm. The prize-winner — 18-year-old Ceren Burçak Dag, of Nisantasi, Turkey... Read more
December’s proven to be a boon for cleantech geeks: earlier this month, we learned about the possibility of mobile devices powered by nothing but voice energy, and now comes news that engineers are working to build an energy-harvesting radio that never needs a battery change. Engineers at Kansas State... Read more
it’s a veritable smorgasbord of green investment today. First up to the proverbial plate of VC goodness is EnOcean, a German firm that specialises in wireless systems for the builiding industry which are powered using ‘energy harvesting’. Sounds a bit like what happens to humans in The Matrix, but... Read more