US used more energy, put out more CO2, in 2013
The US in 2013 used more of every kind of energy, from fossil fuels to the clean, renewable kind, according to the latest annual energy flow analysis from the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. In all, the nation consumed 2.3 quadrillion BTUs (British thermal units) more energy in 2013 than... Read more
How much energy does our global population of nearly 7 billion use every year? According to the US Energy Information Administration (EIA), total primary energy consumption came to 493 quadrillion — that’s 493,000,000,000,000,000 — BTUs in 2008, the most recent year for which figures are available. (One BTU, or... Read more
The latest prediction for where the world is heading in terms of energy use doesn’t exactly paint a rosy picture. But future reality is probably even less rosy than the outlook indicates, as it seems to be based on a few wildly optimistic assumptions. The US Energy Information Administration’s... Read more
One single unit of measurement — kilowatt-hours — can tell us all we need to know about energy consumption and our efforts to save the planet, according to David MacKay, a physics professor at the University of Cambridge. Writing for the BBC News, MacKay explores the kilowatt-hour impact of... Read more
Nearly half of UK employees say they’re more likely to try and help their employers save money in light of the current economic crisis, according to new research from the Carbon Trust. Forty-six percent of employees surveyed said they’re increasingly willing to help their firms save money, while 78... Read more
Rather than use energy more efficiently than traditional industries, newer types of manufacturing processes — solar panel production, for example — are outrageously energy-inefficient, according to a new analysis from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Timothy Gutowski of MIT’s Department of Mechanical Engineering led the analysis, which examined... Read more
A team of researchers at the Technical University of Catalonia have developed a new energy-saving device that disconnects electrical appliances that are in standby mode to bring their power consumption to zero. The device, 100% Off, is compatible with all appliances and could reduce household energy consumption by 12... Read more
UK officials aren’t gathering enough information from real homes to accurately determine how government programmes are affecting energy consumption and household energy efficiency efforts, according to a new report (PDF) from the House of Commons’ Public Accounts Committee. The report, “Programmes to reduce household energy consumption,” also concludes that,... Read more
Now here’s a novel energy-saving idea that just might work brilliantly: making efficiency improvements the object of a massive multi-player online game. The more energy you conserve, the more points you earn for your online gaming team. That’s the concept put forward by Byron Reeves, a professor of communication... Read more
By now we all know that data centers are energy hogs, and there’s money — as well as the planet — to be saved in reducing that consumption. That also means there’s money to be made in helping data centers find out where to cut energy use. That’s good... Read more