What’s one relatively quick and effective way to cut the carbon footprint of coal-fired power plants? A team of Canadian and Japanese researchers believe they have an answer: switch at least part of the power plants’ fuel from coal to biomass. Currently, coal-fired electricity generation is responsible for about... Read more
Working with Forth Ports, Scottish and Southern Energy (SSE) is proposing to build four dedicated biomass power stations in several locations across Scotland. The development will be led by Forth Energy, a joint venture of the two firms created in 2008. Forth Energy expects to seek consent next year... Read more
MGT Power announced plans today for a second major biomass facility in the UK’s North East. The company already has Government approval for a plant at Teesport which will be fuelled by some 2.4 million tonnes of clean wood chip fuel per year and provide up to 295 megawatts... Read more
Researchers are testing a biomass-burning cooking stove that also converts heat into acoustic energy, and then into electricity — all in a single unit. The low-cost generator, they say, has the potential to transform lives in the world’s poorest communities. Led by the University of Nottingham, the £2 million... Read more
Germany has started operating a new biomass heating and power station that uses finely chopped material to generate eco-friendly energy. The Zweckverband Restmuellheizkraftwerk Boeblingen (RBB) plant in Baden-Wuerttemberg completed successful trials this May. Siemens’ Industry Solutions Division supplied a Reject Power system that enables the use of fuels with... Read more
A new survey has shows that individuals and businesses in the south west of England are taking significant steps to move away from using oil and gas for heating, by switching to burning wood from sustainable, local sources. The annual Survey of Renewable Electricity and Heat Projects in South... Read more
Biomass could provide a viable source of energy while helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but “only if good practice is followed,” according to a new report from the Environment Agency. “Biomass — carbon sink or carbon sinner?” finds that best-practice use of biomass could produce 98 per cent... Read more
Japanese researchers say they’ve developed a new type of biomass-fueled heater (PDF) that could provide high-efficiency, sustainable heating to millions of homes across Asia. Many people in the Far East currently heat their homes using charcoal burned on small, hibachi-style grills — not the most efficient means of providing... Read more
New York City-based Astonfield Renewable Resources Ltd. today announced plans to spend $2 billion (US) on energy projects in India over the next two years. Most of the funds — about $1.7 billion — will focus on solar energy projects, with the remaining money going toward waste-to-energy and biomass... Read more
Verenium Company today announced plans to build its first commercial-scale cellulosic ethanol plant, to be located in south-central Florida’s Highlands County. Set to begin operations in 2011, the proposed $250 million (US) to $300 million facility will get its biofuel feedstock from Lykes Bros. Inc., an agribusiness that farms... Read more