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Future of water demands innovation and conservation
With water stresses already at high levels in many parts of the world and not expected to ease in 2013, a number of innovators are trying new technologies to produce, purify and conserve this critical resource. New solutions will be needed across the globe. The central US, for example,... Read more
‘Radical’ climate plan needed … but who’s listening?
The bad news is that global carbon emissions are still going in one direction — up — while the latest round of international climate talks in Doha, Qatar, don’t appear to be going much of anywhere yet. The good news is … well, there doesn’t seem to be any... Read more
‘Gesundheit!’ Get ready to say it much more by 2040
Looking for promising, long-term investment strategies? You might be wise to consider putting some money into pharmaceutical companies that manufacture antihistamines. Why? Because climate change is likely to cause, among many other things, a lot more allergy-causing pollen to be floating around in the air in the future. One... Read more
Solar panel study shows it’s OK to be a copycat
Sometimes, keeping up with the Joneses can be a good thing … especially if the Joneses have just put up solar panels on their roof. Researchers from Yale and New York University have found that people are more likely to install solar panels after a few of their neighbors... Read more
Sustainability requires science, tech … and art
Are advances in science and technology the cure to the world’s many unsustainable habits? Some people are coming to the conclusion that the answer is no: know-how and hard facts aren’t enough to solve our problems. “Narratives, stories, music and images served to warn our early ancestors against predators... Read more
To BYOD or Not to BYOD?

To BYOD or Not to BYOD?

Policy September 28, 2012

Could you imagine running your business today without internet access or mobile phones? For most mid-market companies, it’s unthinkable. How else could you reach tech support while you’re on the road? How else could a valued customer get in touch for a last-minute change in an order after you’ve... Read more
California paves way for testing of driverless cars
The roads of California could one day be teeming with self-driving cars, now that state lawmakers have given the idea their blessing. The state Senate recently approved a bill that will allow for testing of autonomous vehicles on public roads. Tests would require a human driver to be in... Read more
Philippines look for smarter, ‘future-ready’ electricity
What will it take to provide reliable electricity to more people across the Philippines? The country’s largest distributor of electrical power sees an answer in better, smarter computing and smart-grid technology. Manila Electric Company (Meralco) is enlisting the help of Cisco to take a “holistic approach” to electricity service... Read more
Could we help reduce our energy and pollution problems by encouraging more people to work from home instead of a downtown office? Most likely, but maybe not as much as we might hope. The US government, which signed into law the Telework Enhancement Act in 2010, sees remote working... Read more
Even after accounting for the possibility of more fuel-efficient planes and cars, high-speed rail powered by electricity can be the greenest transport option available. That’s the conclusion of researchers Arpad Horvath and Mikhail Chester, who compared the sustainability of California’s proposed high-speed rail project to other forms of transportation.... Read more