Xerox acquires Smart Data Consulting
Xerox is aiming to expand its e-discovery capabilities with its recent acquisition of Smart Data Consulting. Smart Data provides a software platform for corporate legal departments and law firms. The software is designed to reduce costs and save time by managing e-discovery tasks and analytics more quickly and efficiently.... Read more
US used more energy, put out more CO2, in 2013
The US in 2013 used more of every kind of energy, from fossil fuels to the clean, renewable kind, according to the latest annual energy flow analysis from the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. In all, the nation consumed 2.3 quadrillion BTUs (British thermal units) more energy in 2013 than... Read more
Google’s $3.2bn Nest purchase is about smarts, not thermostats
Nest Labs was launched with a vision of a “conscious home” made possible in part through a thermostat that “learns” how to save energy and money. That vision is now backed by a $3.2 billion cash purchase by Google. Founded by Tony Fadell and Matt Rogers, the Palo Alto-based... Read more